Northern Coastal and North Vancouver Island Appointment Area

Gary Coons

Gary Coons is a resident of Prince Rupert. He was an educator for 30 years. As a member of the BC Teachers’ Federation and Prince Rupert District Teachers’ Union, he held many portfolios including President of the Prince Rupert District Teachers’ Union. Gary is actively involved in the community, previously serving on the boards of the Prince Rupert Anti-Poverty Society, Canadian Parents for French, Prince Rupert Environmental Society, and numerous sports associations. For many years, he was a course conductor for the National Coaching Certification Program and the Northwest course instructor for the BC Amateur Hockey Association. From 2005 to 2013, Gary was a Member of the Legislative Assembly of BC for the North Coast and held the ferries ‘advocate’ portfolio for 8 years.  He served as a member of the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services. Since retiring in 2013, Gary remains active in the community, working on environmental issues and coaching the hockey Initiation Program for the Prince Rupert Minor Hockey Association.